February 01, 2005

kiler fact!

on a flat planet calestial navagatin wuldnt work. wont wrok in space ether.


our reder projcet wanabe says im fulla crap on htis one an since he knoas math an i dont im figurin hes probly rite. so im waitin for him to explian whare i went wrong.


yeh teh moar i think abot this one hte more im canvinced im dead rong.

uptdate! gghgaaaaaaghgh!

no wait. im not al taht wrogn. an proj was jsut talkin abot paralax (e.g. imagine ur on a cartesian plane with the moon hangin 250000 miles above the origin) which is like duhhh. need some prety damn acurate insrumants 2 get much use outa that.

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tea hea hea! selastial navygration dosnt werk ennyway, yoo gouf!

ef youe louk et teh starrs yule tripp owver a rok.

robbertee lee trid to folow teh suthern kros an luck wut hapent too hymn!

Jeff, i jast louk wear ime gowing
course it wroks! atlest if u got a map. an thares no rocks at sea much les in space. or enyway u cant trip overem.
I hate to sound all liberal and guilt-ridden, but why wouldn't celestial navigation work in space? Isn't it true that it would, like, work fine or something?
proj ok it miat be helpful if ur goin arond in a circle. but how does it hlep u tel how far u ar form here to neptune?

wel mabe im confused. ufortunatly i runin a fevar at teh momant. so expalin it in smal wrods.
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