February 05, 2005

eliat was rite

evary autumn in beaujolly when the treditional markating capmaingn is over teh forgs take al the vintners an put em in wicker cages an roast em. thats so the cropssll gro.

this ceramony has persisted wihtout altaretion since teh bronze age.


i frogot to mentoin teh main afect of this which is taht u end up whit a lto of rely clueles new trainee vintnars takin ovar evary year. the what u mihgt cal 'institutional memary' aruond them parts (oenologicly spekin) is nothin to wriat home abot.

my parsonal felin is pound shoulda popped elliot in a basket after he wroat teh waset land an broiled the poor fella good an toasty. the warld wulda been spared a few unspekable horrors that way.

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I always thought the French were a wickered lot.
So that's how they cook their Frogs legs!
The used Edwood Woodwood in the movie - they woodwoodn't they. Woodwood burnsburns betterbetter!
On the other hand, how would the world have survived without 'Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats'?
it wuda sarvivd very wel indeed mr n. vary wlel indeed.
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