February 09, 2005

im in troble here

i think my teath are groawin. holy crap.

iuts like there jsut getin biger an biggar. cant close my moath cose their like in teh way. big horable tothy thigns. holy crapola.

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That's not necessarily a bad thing. Don't panic.
thanks. i was getin kinda woried until i sa teh picteur. but thats not rely so bad.
It's quite natural for one's teeth to continue growing indefinitely. They develop rings like trees. There may also be additional rows of teeth behind the front ones; sharks do this, as do marsupials and a lot of people, even though the newspapers never mention it. You may find that your bones begin to pulse as your teeth become larger than your mouth. Also your eyes will begin to recede, rotate, vibrate, or perhaps bounce.

You will be eaten by artichokes. You will be eaten by artichokes. I cannot reveal my sources. You will be eaten by artichokes.

Do not pursue the teeth. They have teeth in them. In the vegetables, in the Earth, under the hollow Earth, there are teeth inside. Into the crater. Out of the crater. The crater is glowing. Growing. Glowing. The crater. The crater. They're emerging now.

I can seeee youuu!
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