February 08, 2005

cureer optins

wana geta job bopin ppl with malets.


but their not hirin.

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ilton johne taked abot bopin:

Hoppin and boppin to monophysite Mass,
Well, monophysiosis
is one of the grossest
forms of Christian heresy...


Jeff, u sey potayto and i sai potahtoe
u say criket and i saiy croquet
hey i had monophysiosis once. it lingard on for weekes. thot id nevar get well!

it wasnt rely al that gros thogh. excapt for teh diarea. but i nevar got in my hair an im not sure why teh crisians would do that eitehr.
Try hitting people with a whip. Lots of my friends pay for that, especially the lawyers. You will make a fortune.
Bop people with mullets instead. The haircut or the fish - they'll thank you for it either way.
so shuld i bop ppl usin a mulet or bop ppl who have a mulet? or both? bofth wld be best i think.

spatoboto not a bad idea! i haer its populer with mps too. but onfortunatly not whith congrasmen. im ashamd to say were stil kinda provincal in some ways ovar here. our goverment is still runin mosly on a oldfashioned booze-an-bimbos regimen.
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