February 16, 2005

thease socalled authers

minor outbreak of hastility ovar at our asteemed coleage emereld bial (read em. their funy). someboddy pratending to be a lunatic says hes a 'auther'. yeah ive herd that befoar.

its a law of naiture taht anybody on teh net who claims hes a writar is a delusionel bucktothed cretin who wroks at wendys. an spneds half his tiame in chatroulms pratendin to be a 14 yr old japanease gilr. an stels wemens underware at teh laundrymat.

i saw some furtive squinty litl creap doin that once. true stoary! i wlaked right up 2 him an slaped im on the face whit my glove. an i siad 'uve nevar puslished a wrod in ur life u dalusinal bucktooth cretan'. he turnad whiat as a sheet an ran for it. teh poliace folowed the trail of puroloined brasiers an shot im dead.

(if hes a real writer hes stil dalusional but its a diferant delusion. but those cases are exctreamly rare. an those who aer only paretending to be lunatics pretanding to be authers probly steal mens undarwear instead. but they're teeth are usuly ok.)

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As an author myself (note spelling), I most rigidly and apoplectically object to your post, some of which I have read carefully.
Furthermore your comments about my personal life indicate that you are some kind of low-life stalker. And of course the comments are totally untrue as well.
i beg ur pardon proj but i am a vary raspectable stalker indeed. im not gona haveta whap u with my gloave as wel am i?
On a different tack, how can you claim that there was an outbreak of hostility on Emerald Bile? How would you know? I didn't see anything that really rose above the "rage floor."
er. umm. errr. poatic lisence? narative hook? taht space on teh page loked kindna empty? duno rely.
It did seem an extraordinary thing to quarrel about as well.

But wannabe's right, there's a good chance they just thought that was the standard of civil exchange expected on Emerald Bile.

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