February 18, 2005

killer hisstory leson!

eskiamo ovar at evarythign reviwd notes teh folowing:

The Eagle hath the gift of Flight, the penguins the Boon of Waddling

waddling was a town in teh yeast midlands or some godawful murky place liek taht. an teh famous 'boon of waddling' was whan richerd 'lyalty binds me' iii grantad teh local monastary the right in porpatuity to grow haws. nothin to do whit pengiuns. i have no idea where this broad got tehpengion thign from.

good ol rick invented basedball to. heckj of a guy.

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That's just a load of fresh creamery butter!
er. creamyer then what?
Of all the auk family, puffins come the closest to elicting the feeling of endearment often extended by humans to penguins. Because of their clownlike masks and waddling walk, they too are thought of as cute and adorable by the public.I'm guessing you're no fan of the puffin.
yeh pufins scare teh crap outa me. awys snekin aroun an peerin in the windas an muterin.

evar walk inta a dark room an turn the light on an theirs a pufin sitin there in ur favrite chair pointin a gun at u an smilin all supercilious-like?

a thign like thatll turn ur hair white my frend.
Waddling is what you get when the eagle has landed. And besides eagles can't sneak through the sewers and drains and pop up unexpectedly and nip at your balls gentle like so you don't know if they're kissing or castrating you.
apatterbobom they cant eh? thats what u thikn.
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