February 21, 2006

'spacious' bvds — vanguard of teh workers an pesants revalution!

hot news in teh filed of soviat undarwere studies! in a devastatign critique of capitals disastrous failure to suport boobies eficiently teh grauniad notes —

In contrast to most European countries, reports Dr Gurova, "the Soviet revolution cancelled corsets and dressed women in bras more quickly".


[in] the 30s and 40s ... Soviet life was becoming more abundant and joyful. ... Women's underwear became somewhat feminine.

early comie skivies are dascribd as 'spacious'.

thus shamas milne standns vidnicatad! i trutst that the cynical proegandnist for capital scott burges wil trade taht racy litle numbar hes wering for something more proletarian an isue a prompt apolagy.

got tihs form norm.

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My favourite line: "Underwear," explains Gurova, "was a compulsory part of that regime. A goal was established: everyone should have at least two sets, and should change sets at least once every 7-10 days."


and, erm, would you lot mind standing down wind?
Specious? Is that any way to describe the Glorious Soviet Undergarment? Counterrevolutionary attitude to pants I call it.
Gurova says that dark underwear becomes dirty more slowly and then refers to 'black, vinous, khaki or dark blue' colours. Wouldn't brown be more suitable?
I lived in the USSR for a while, and met up with a few of the old exiles in the Gorno-Altaiski region of Siberia. Their stories of how they ended up in the gulags were enough to make you weep at the insanity of it all. Have no doubt that having an extra pair of nice trolleys would be enough to get you denounced back in the '30s as a bourgeois counter-revolutionary, probably by someone who couldn't be asked to wash their own.

Proletarii vsyekh stran', soyedinyaityes'! You have nothing to lose but your keks...
dr e - to be fair 7-10 days was probly a improvmant on predvious best pracises in taht nexk of teh wods.

rob - ur right! comard stalen was highly meretricious!

foot editor - eww.

iven - yeah. its all a fine subjec for comady until u gota live the're. than its not so funy.
...unless u got a rusian sensa humer.
I went to Moscow on holiday two summers ago. Just looking at the Lubyanka (former KGB HQ) made me wish I was wearing brown underpants.
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