February 20, 2006

new cnuts!

ivan teh tarible is funy!

"How would you like to go to outer space without ever leaving your room?" says the astronomer. A forest of hands goes up. He picks a child, who promptly asks "What's that thing on your chin?"

an has a vote-forur-favaret-presidant contast. or survey. or somhting. anyhow go vote! its down to a slugin match betwean calvin coolige an frank rosavelt. cartar was to scared to come outa teh gate. silant cal needs your suport!

an foot eter has a htign abuot south efricans. turns out theres all kindns.

i bolgroled em bloth. teh miserbal brutes.

p.s. zerlesson spoted a goodie.

p.p.s. an this animatoin is starnge an good.

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Many thanks, Arlington, and about bloody time too. In honour, I've given you a cameo in my new courtroom drama.
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