January 27, 2006

sevan dubm thigs noboddy cars abuot

okay norrean 'tageds' me an than teh cancar one did (posing as a litl gril for some wierd reson) so hurah for bof of em!

sevan moveis ive lovd

  1. VD: Hitler's Calling Card, US Army training film, 1942
  2. Don't Stick It in There, Soldier!, US Army training film, 1944
  3. When You "Do It" with HER, You're "Doing It" with HITLER!, US Army training film, 1943
  4. "This Is My Rifle, This Is My Gun" — Keep 'em Both Clean!, US Army training film, 1943
  5. VD: You Ain't a Man Until You Had It, US Marine Corps training film, 1944
  6. Girls: What Are They?, NSA training film, 1975
  7. The Beaver: Nature's Star Trek Fan, MIT Press Films, 1981

sevean boks i likw

  1. Fearsome Engine, iaian m. bnanks
  2. Grendel, John Gardner
  3. And the Ass Saw the Angel, Nick Cave
  4. Double Indemnity, James M. Cain

seven htigns i say

  1. err
  2. um
  3. uhhh
  4. huh?
  5. wha'?
  6. urk
  7. mmmnnn

seven things taht atract me to a city

  1. chance to tech taht hrothgar fella a good leson
  2. vary large magnats
  3. teh smell of prey
  4. a primmordial impulse to seek wramth an sheltar
  5. ancedstral homign instinct
  6. compulsian to repraduce
  7. gravety whan im uplhill form one
  8. their fulla shiny things! ooo! shiny shiny!

seven things to do bafore i die

  1. who givs a crap?

seven thigns i cant do

  1. give a crap

seven poeople to 'tag'

  1. vagugue
  2. dr evil sciantest
  3. olvea haris
  4. fot etar
  5. zbigniew brzezinski
  6. lester flatt
  7. earl scruggs

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Why large magnets? Are you ferrous?
bacuase smal magnits are infera dig.
I done did it, but mine's not as funny as yours. Now I want to see Scruggs's version.
And the Ass Saw the Angel! I love you, ha. You have great taste.
The Beaver: Nature's Star Trek Fan, MIT Press Films, 1981

Earl Scruggs has yet to post his response, the oafish swine.
(the FUCK YOU was in appreciation for the humor, which honestly made me wet myself.)
v & dr e - teh ratbatysard scrugs is dead i think. cnut.

piere - thanku!

safet - dude i nevar duobtad you! i was dalited somboddy got that oen.
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