January 06, 2006

stupad game! swat teh vegies!

tihs games like totaly way betar then them cerabral wankitywank games hairy huton links to.

the coolast part is whan u lose.

via gael.


heres anothar wankity one. its brutal. it pikcs random qustions so u can play it agian. not a huge poola quastoens though. i keep getign repets.

via altuouse.

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Ever been to 'Good Sprout News'?
odly enough no i havant.
I like the music. I've been singing it all morning. "Sprouts, Sprouts, leave them all out!" Catchy.
Killer Film My childhood hero The Abominable Dr Phibes (Vincent Price) drips sprout juice onto the face of a nurse and then pipes some locusts into the room. The locusts evidently have a violent addiction to sprout juice with meat because, by the time they've finished, only her skull is left.

Moral: Even sprouts have their uses, and can even be fun if deployed with appropriate insect species.
Funny you should mention insects, Phillip, I thought I knew a fair bit about them but I keep flunking that Etymology test HaHaHa mentions.
Serves you right. You've probably spent too much time overindulging in good news about sprouts.
The name GSN reminds me of the pamphlet Jehovah's Witnesses press upon you when door-to-door proselytizing. Perhaps the sprout people operate in a similar way in Brussels?

The thing I like about sprouts is that one can peel away most of the sprout and it's still a sprout. A bit like infinity, really.
Cool game! Cute sprouts! Got more?
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