December 29, 2005


via gailneatoteh cloud peopal.



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A cloud is just a clown with a cold.
yep! as teh poat snagn 'i wonderd loanley as a clown...'
Are there webpages and societies for those who appreciate blue cloudless skies?
By the way, I know for a fact that clowns have been caught recently stockpiling silver nitrate. Ominous, eh?
That was no poet, Arlington, that was "The Colony of Slippermen" by Genesis.
I had to sit a test once that included cloud type recognition. I can therefore view this discussion among obvious laymen, with a pleasurable lofty detachment. A happy new year to you and good morning.
Whlie no-one here could accuse you of being cloudy-headed, Doc, you seem to imply that your cloud recognition test was a chore, whereas it would be my idea of fun. Can I be the first to say floccinaucinihilipilification on this bolog?
Drat. I was just going to say it, but my pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicavolcanoconiosis intervened.
I really am sorry, your predictability was well, sometimes , it’s abysmal The point is; you stick with me, happiness, big eats, largesse etc., you go with him (
I posted the above to show how closely overwork was to us all, apart from the poncey English pricks who don’t actually work but only give the impression…….
er... to whom, Sir Maroon, are those comments intended? ('cause if it's me they're spot on, and you've hurt my last feeling).
Oh I must explain myself Jake and the other readers. A prime example of the dangers of talking to someone in the room while trying to be funny in the comments and being a bit the worse for wear as well.
At the time I was giving a first rate funny mimic of a prick at work who goes on about “The English” to annoy me, since he thinks I have an English accent and by default am a lazy “poncey Englishman“. Of course, to the English I sound like Billy Connolly.
Even drunk I meant no harm, I know of lots of poncey Englishmen who work like Trojans.
The upside is that I have discovered I can touch type after a fashion and no, I’ll leave it there I think.
Least said.
I know of lots of poncey Englishmen who work like Trojans.

They prevent unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases?
Blly Conmolly told me once he couldn't understand me.

Had an accent "as thick as a Glaswegian fishwife" he said.

Well, that pissed me off,as you can imagine.

"Gladfourg al clanny Brioch, dong shiedh!" I said.

Told that hairy rat bastard, so I did!
Dr. E's authentic celtic gibberish translates as "I'd gladly f**k a canny brioche, dickhead!" It's their version of a flying fuck at a rolling donut, I believe. It's meant to evoke the sad history of the "wild geese" who left Ireland after the rising of 1798 and settled in Paris.
Christ, Darth Gropius has the Gaelic, and that's no word of lie!

Except my ancestors were kicked out of Paris for trying to grope Josephine.

They ended up in Newark, New Jersy and helped make it the garden spot it is today.

True story!
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