December 23, 2005

hapy holadays!

teh long lost prodigel suomichris (wlecome bakc!) says

If you stop blogging, however, I'm sure I'll throw myself off of a bridge.

ok! im gona be outa twon til teh twenysevanth! please help cris trough tihs ruogh time.

whiale im goane ill leve u wiht teh turkys! thease arnt tofurkyes these are rel ones. u can tel cuase tehyr walkign. anm theire not spheracal.

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Whatever support you folks can provide would be appreciated. However, I think with the turkeys, I will be okay. Maybe.
Nasty birds. I'm not eating the fuckers. I tried to get a baby pig, but couldn't. I'm not sure it would have fitted in the oven anyhow though.
I never knew before that real turkeys had only one leg apiece (the one with the extra leg has obviously been either photoshopped or mutated using ungodly stem-cell technology).

Anyway, why are they crossing the road?
I knew they had wild horses running round in Irish towns, but turkeys in Boston?

I tried to convince a turkey once that the sky was falling in. He gobbled up that doomsaying hogwash and ran off to tell his friends.

The Turkish word for turkey is 'hindi', but the Hindi word for Hindi is not turkey.
Have a good trip. I hope you encounter no tofurkey whatsoever. This is my holiday wish for you.
HaHaHappy Christmas Alringnot.
It's hard to recall this nativity thing, but aren't they the three wise turkeys? One of them definitely looks like it's got some Myrrh under its wing.
I'm almost certain there's three of them, but if they were wise you'd think they'd know how to use the crosswalk properly.

Arlington, hope you had a Merry Christmas. Same for all the readers here. Has Chris heaved himself off a bridge yet or not?
I have just barely survived. Thank you all for thoughts and prayers during this difficult time.
cris - u gota be storng!

rbo - but if u eat em u gain thare strangth an wisdom.

phil - thay crost teh rode cuase thare was some guy wavin a camera at em an stompan an yodalin. teh exra leg is a experamentel prosthesis my compny is wrokign on. didn work out too good.

jtp - actuly it was burlengten. an teh hindi wrod for turkey is 'urdu'. as evary scholboy knows.

vogeu - u got ur wish! which was mine to actuly. remebar! 'diplomacy is teh art of sayign "niiiice tofurkey!" whiale u look for a rock'.

dr m - tahnnk u! i hope ur cersmas was a s joful as mine.

seahn - er wel as a mater a fac teh croswlak is mined. thats why they got only one leg each. they lered there leson.
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