November 20, 2005


whan likns opan in a new winda is taht anoying?
Free polls from

p.s. look! louk! a vc ferenzy! no but serously. i thikn teh sofware indastry is gona be fun to wach for a while. or to be in. hehhehheh.

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I usually surf with a lot of windows open already so I think so. If I wanted the new window I'd shift-click and ask for it.
Only at work, where I haveta use internet exploder. Speaking of plols, why dad u apt an normant? I never found out.
wen its a mater of opneing a windraw, teh tschoices sould be, Yec, Noe, and Defenestrate!
Actually it is a real pane in the ass
I would salute the ironical bastard that defenestrated Steve Ballmer, although not Bill Gates.

After all, as an evil genius, he is my hero.
I'd just like to point out that not posting on that last piece does not imply that I like The Strokes.
You've seen this, of course.
Pwah! Hardly a man bites dog or child eats clown story is it, Harry?
rob - er. i uhh. i froget.

jef - i alwys fel sad whan i htignk about teh dafenastration of frog but i gues their prety light an they just buonce. but still. or was it the defenestrtioin of prog? ive got more sypathy wiht that one.

jtp - yeh right u dont like em! u cant foul me!

hary - cripes! id mised it! thank u for brignign it to my atention. im strartign to se a patarn here. a vary omanus patren indeed.
This is all very well I'm sure, but I speak for many when I say that we've taken part in these polls before and you never publish the results.
Eg "Their gibly".
Where's the analysis? Where's the statistical method? Where's the RIGOUR?
er... riggor? dude its lieke interparative man. i go wiht my like intuitoin u know? man ur so like square an stuf.
Square is it? Square? Well let me tell you young man that it's us "squares" that keep the buses running and the pencils sharpened so the likes of you "groovy cats" can play with your "software" without the requirement to wear a Nazi armband. I wish you good morning, "dude". For the present.
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