November 15, 2005

teh truth about aliumiunioum floil hlemets

heres one for gial! form the abstracat:

Statistical evidence suggests the use of [aluminum foil] helmets may in fact enhance the government's invasive abilities. We speculate that the government may in fact have started the helmet craze for this reason.

note one of teh authars is from the mit media lab. so their doin more usefal wrok thare than alota teh nonmedialab m.i.t. guys i talki to like to claim.

form teh nameles guy.

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You been drinkin' HA? Your spelling's gone all to pot. It's a bastard about the tinfoil hats innit? Gonna have to walk around inside some kind of wheeled faraday cage now. I mean that's ok for formal, dont get me wrong, but you're gonna feel a bit oferdressed if you've just popped out for a pint of milk surely?
Are they giving any seminars on this? You've gotta go if they are, hahaha.
thanx fer thinkin of me
Yay! I'm an imagenery fiend.
I’m not allowed my foil hat any more because Mrs Maroon says it makes my head smell funny. It’s a pity because it was fun watching the garage doors open as I drove up the street.
I recommend this sort of helmet made from velostat.

Velostat amplifies signals at 2.12GHz, a frequency of which I have sole ownership, so you don't have to worry about the Government trying to control your brain.
I'm gonna have to go with the Velostat. More chic, the frequency is more my thing, and Dr.Evil needs the cash.
My fiend JW sez:

Every helmet needs a liner to attenuate and dampen reciprocal invasive frequencies - Duh! I've found a high density plastic bicycle helmet overlayed with sculpted heavy-grade Reynolds Wrap works. FWIW.
Bad news: The revised Patriot Act is to ban the use of foil helmets as too many people are able to block out their instructions.

just wanted to share with you a picher a my cat:

I think we all agree here that cats belong in sinks. If you must let them out, send the shots to Instapundit, or something.
That anonymous cat is ugly, ain't it?
It's a fraud too, and has no south-eastern Asian ancestry.
I'd also recommend one of these fancy RF detectors to go with Dr. E's velostat helmet. At least you'll know the signals are there and the silent vibrator mode sounds like fun.
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