November 09, 2005

kiler fcat!

comedianne caral brunet first fuond fame in teh 50s wiht a 'sily love sogn to teh secratery of state' caled "I Made a Fool of Myself Over John Foster Dulles".

wel yeh. taht kidna thign hapans alot.

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The Japanese for USA is 'rice country', is it not? All Dulles got was a crappy airport.

Was the song funny, then - and was it meant to be?
All Kennedy got was a crappy airport and a cape. As if a Batman outfit is any compensation for being turned into an Oliver Stone film.
Philip, it's almost as if someone didn't like him.
Well, Bush has 3 billion cunts named after him.
I wanna go disco and clubya,
I wanna come stroke ya and rubya;
And when you're all hot,
If you like it or not,
My cheney gets shoved up your dubya.
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