October 18, 2005

arlintens saductoin tips

truns out 'abatwoir' isn teh same wrod as 'boudior' at al.

wana kep taht in mind.

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Yeah,one means bedroom, the other means slaughterhouse.
oh my god thank you for splainin the joke
Different words? Obviously you haven't been to Paris.

Are you in oracle school, as you are more direct than gnomic?
Different words? Obviously you haven't been to Paris.

Or central Pennsylvania.
Are not gnomes just stiff clowns?
janiace - dude! now way!

parass is moare like centrel pensyltucky then peopl relize. i mean if u wana eat ofal thoser teh top two choces.

md - wel teyhyre not just stif clowens.
In my opinion they are roughly the same word, which usually counts as the same word in etymology. A boudoir sounds like a horrible kind of bedroom that would be decorated in dark red and be full of the bloody remains of terrible events, and an abbatoir sounds like something to do with nineteenth century French dancing girls.
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