October 13, 2005

radundency alert!!1!



do we rely nead taht many difern ways to abreviate 'im a moron'?

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what about an anagram
stopp and leve all those goud smarte peple aloen! semi colon, hyphen, close parentheses, as it were.
Anyone who writes "LOL", or (even worse) "ROTFLMAO" should be stuffed up George Bush's arse if room can be found there alongside Anthony Blair Q.C.
rofl wtfbbq ;-} audrey u r so right! [-:
Hey, this is an Actual Quotation from an Actual Email once sent to me from a student when I used to teach composition: "Hey just wonderin if i could meet w/ u to talk about the paper sometime. thankx :)"

That kid is going places!
v - i trust u fulnked teh litl pustule right?
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