October 06, 2005


so i was waitni for teh subway an i saw some boanehead wiht gooffey eyeglasas waitin thare wearign a tshirt sayin 'mind teh gap'. lokin all smug an clevar an whatnot.

so i sat they're glarin at im for a whiale an growalin. i mean grawlin just a bit so not to be rude. ok yeah poeopal herd me but it wasn like bellowin groawlin. wasn like u cudln ignaore it if u tried. an i bared my teth a bit but we all got teth right?

but than teh train came an i had a insperation! i wen't up bahind im an as teh train came up i wacked im real hard batwen hte sholderblads! as he fell onta the tracks inforntof it i yeled 'MIND TEH GAP A-HOLE!' figure i tought him a thign or two.

an than i ran fer it.

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But did the train stop in time and avoid mashing him up into tiny pieces? It is a shame your urgent appointment prevented you from finding out the ending.
wel i herd a horid gurgalign scream as i ran off so i figure i fineshed im. i hoape so. its damned bad form to leve a wuondad dweeb liek taht. daanmed bad from.
I'd say the humane thing to do would have been to stick around to make sure, and if necessary finish him off with a headshot.

But you live in Boston and I hear the wackos in power don't like the other wackos to have guns.
Is that Massachusetteshire in the picture?
That picture looks like the Lake of Menteith. Spooky.
jake-the-peg, he usually puts title attributes on the images, so if you hover the mouse over it for a moment, you'll get a little yellow floaty thing saying what it is, or what it isn't, or something tangential. That picture seems to be of Pennsylvania.
Didn't get the little floaty thing over the picture, but it shore is purdy, wherever it is.

Nice post, HA3. I did a similar thing when I saw some goth reading the Satanic Bible on the train once, while looking around, all smug, looking for a reaction. Well, less lethal but...I walked up behind them, hissed some gibberish and said, "Thou knowest not what true evil is..." Then in a more normal voice, "You moron."
Well done Mr. Hynes!

I would like to see your "training" program for idiots implemented universally.
agramenam - ur right. usuly i keap a 14" crescant rench on hnad for taht kinda thign but taht day i was in a rush an frogot it.

jtp - no its delaware watar gap in pensylvanea. er mabe new jersay. didn say which side a teh rivar it was taken form.

dr m - it is teh lake of manteeth. we bot it an had it shiped ovar. figuard it wasn doin much good in scotlend anyhow.

andrates - damn. probly dont wrok in ie or smethign. crapitty crap. waht brosar an os are u usign?

dr e - amen! its a lesan they nevar froget!
Yes, ie.
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