September 28, 2005

a outrage

in teh msdn crt docs for _vsnprintf it is nowhare stated taht a termanatign nul charactar is not apendad if teh sterng lenth is gretar then or equel to the size of teh bufer.

well taht does hapan to be teh case. it works liek strncpy. givan the prafesions danm near unaversel cluelesnes on that litle numbar an the reletive obscuraty of _vsnprintf/_vsnwprintf/_vsntprintf the omision is a godamn outrage. i have sean aleged prafesoinals screw that exact pooch in released code (an pas a usar suplied string for teh format too! teh witerign bosthoons...).

an u can quoate me on taht.

sory about teh geeky psot but i got steam ocmign outa both ears ovar here.

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I won't sleep tonight now.
What is a bosthoon? We used to have a Geoff "Buff" Hoon in Britain but I don't think he came from Bosoton. And why all this terminating null character crap - why not just say Schwarzenegger like everyone else?
dr m - u betar not.

phil - a bosthoon is liek a basson but moare protable so u can trot acros teh bog wihth it.
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