September 17, 2005

in othar culture news...

teh canedian flim broad is gona remake some ol french 'romantic derma'. but their gona rename it putain, poutine. think itll go?


ok i was serchign on gogol for pichers a poutine (note ol vladamer as vague pradicted in the comants!) an i fuond a cool bolg taht made me drooal uncontrolebly.

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I love that the French take such care to spell Vladimir's last name so it can't be pronounced "putain." It's cute of them.
i kin topp taht.

here'z a pnagolin bieng warhsipped
en a manager:

"Phawl onnnn yer neez!
Ow here teh ainjel voysez!"
Well thank you for the mention. It took me a few minutes to realize that all your posts are written like that, and that you weren't just making fun of my spelling and grammar. (You weren't, right?)

About the drooling. A hazard of reading food blogs. I recommend you keep a box of tissues near the computer- that's what my husband does.
Strange, he's not really into food blogs...
That is a great picture of the Canadian Film Broad.
jef - im so totly inta pangalins it aint evan funy. damn there cool.

amy - i didn notice anyhtiing odd about ur spelign at all. no i mean seriously. does ur husban have a clod mabe?

dr e - yep! she loks a bit roughhewn but shes gota heart a gold. or so tehy tel me.
Yer pitchers hertin' ma brain!

Every time I look at it I initially see a cute little grey and white rodentlike mammal and then I notice the big red eyes and it suddenly turns into this horrible evil, birdlike demon-thing.
Shurely it’s a cropped picture of an ostrikan or emu?
Please god your condition hasn’t moved over to the pictorial. I’ve torn my hair out finishing the algorithm that will help you with job applications, and win me a well deserved Nobel. Throwing in visual recognition, is just coming the cowboy.
dr m - no astrakhans got biger beaks.

tanks for teh logeritm (i actuly knew a techsupart guy onse who said 'alogarithm' for 'algorithm' no lie!) but im in sofware so my laguge skils are about par.
or we're u thiknign a ostrogoth?
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