August 16, 2005

hyuk hyuk

i red teh brit specal forcas guys have dustad off some old .303 enfeidls an they're usign em in iraq.

yep. their loaded for boer.


our dear reder rorb has choasan to share wiht the group a awful aflictoin:

I fuckin love puns.

it garieves me sumpin fierce to say it but im aferaid thares no cure.


bysnadter says.

A bun is the lowest form of wheat.

nooooo! maek it stop! waht have i done?!

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That is the best joke I've heard for ages. I fuckin love puns. Anyway, I imagine you'd probably be better off with a Lee-Enfield than one of those stupid plastic efforts that falls to bits all the time. You could fetch someone a nasty whack with it if it got full of sand & jammed also.
yeah im no athorety on guns but it sadans me to thikn thare are militery people who dont just instinctively prefar thigns that make a bigar bang an thorow a largar object an make a beter club. sems like a nobrainer: biger! loudar! ergo better!

i mean what business are they in anyhow?! arnt they saposed to be manly? jeez.
Very true. Shoot someone with one of those .223 caliber poodle shooters, and they remain on their feet long enough to wreak havok upon your tender personage.*

Shoot somepme with a 30 cal. and they tend to change their focus from spilling your vitals on the ground to rolling about in agony.

*Except if that someone were me. If I were to get shot with anything larger than a pea shooter, I'd cry like a three year old with a skinned knee.
I prefer to fling spoons at people; it is a testament to my toughness. I just keep on flinging. There is no stopping that kind of assault. Fwoop!
I hate buns too. In fact I despise them, because a pun is the lowest form of wheat.
in teh owlde daze, theiy ust to hunnt bores weth a longe spere weth a cros peace. the bours wolde charj rite up teh spare end teh crozpiss wuld stap em colde.

latre, the zooloos (see tham staring weth own wilsen in zooloonder) usd teh saem speras tou ghet teh gould end dimunds minds backc frum the bores end tehy sayvd winny too (shee turnd owt nat to bea a pooh bat rather a mandala, tho.)
jevf - ive found taht zoo loos are as good a plase to exsape form bores as any (but they'res usuly no t.p. their so u gota impravise). but onyl smal boers like .303 tops. hence teh war i gues.

but anyhow winny isnt evarythign.
A good pun is its own reword.
Recently, I was watching a Dracula film on TV. As the Count sank his teeth into his victim's heaving embonpoint, I murmured: "Fangs for the mammaries". My talking flatfish heard me and said, "That was a play on words, wasn't it?"

To which (of course) I replied: "A pun, my sole, you're right."
Ypou see? Marvellous
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