August 11, 2005

the natiens newspapar of record. ahem.


why wuold i give a rats ass whare bono hangs out whit mike jagar? do tehy thikn im a psychoapth? wel mabe in nyc thats not a unresonabel asumption.


redars phil an rob obsareve taht if u know whare mook jaguar is gona be than u can be somehware else. so its precoius invormation indeed.

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It is probably in the nature of a public health warning. You might want to avoid places where rock stars meet, for fear of being affected when critical mass is reached. Such situations can result in poisonous miasmata such as hey man, why don't we just, like, feed everybody affecting persons innocent and otherwise at distances of up to a considerable distance. Substantial loss of hair and teeth, subcutaneous haemorrhage and occasional emanations of hey, cool are among the less attractive symptoms.
What he said.
So you can be somewhere else.
Nope. For myself it's definitely the psycopath thingie.

If I can knock off Coldplay and a couple of boy-bands before a sniper takes me down, all the better.

Shit. Did I say that out loud?
dr e. - nope. i got it thorough teh transmitar we instaled in ur madula oblogata. no cuase for alarum!

phil - true. why tehy cant save hte wrold in decent privecy i cant imagine.
But none of you have explained why anyone would want to know "Who coined the term rock and roll". (See bottom part of picture).

I find this question even more disturbing. It seems to imply that we all go around wondering the names of the people who invented every word and phrase in the universe. This idea is horrific and makes me very nauseous.
anie - u mean like vertago in a fevardream sorta way? well thats what i get anyway whan i thikn about it.

ive fuond it hleps if u opan ur mouth an stick ur tongue aout an oscilate ur head rapedly back an froth. so ur tuongeu flops bakcnforth. cures teh nausea in a jify! but it gives me a migriane. also i got areasted once. well hey u gota take teh good wiht the bad.
That is exactly it, yes. I will try what you suggested, but my main tactic in cases like this is avoidance plus psychic powers.
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