July 10, 2005


so why wuld anyboddy wana meet mick jagar? hes backsilcly just a ashole right?

i dont get it.

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Yess, you are right. But he is rich and famous and shags lots of women, so that is all that the world requires of anybody,
Hey, you deleted the mawkish bit. I liked that.
Better than Keith Richards. He's basically a prick.
I know a girl who met Mick Jagger. He was not shy. She says he carried on as if he thought he was Mick Jagger. Apparently, he expected her to get her kit off the minute he smacked his big blubbery lips at her. She did, too.
bystnadnd - wel tahts al it raquries of me anyhow.

h.b. - i thughtot it was a bit too mawkesh. thats teh probalm asociatign with bertish peopal. u get so anygign but 'er looks like rain. cunt.' sems embarasignly sinceare. i nead moare ameracan reders.

pemil - wel yeah but atleast hes cool.

a.h. - yeah i get teh same afect. gets kinda old sometimaes.
Mick Jagger disgusts me; if I meet him it is my sworn duty to punch him in the neck. So, I kind of do hope I meet him. I have never punched anyone in the neck before.
Basically and asshole and a pair of lips.
Knighthood used to mean something; the laurels for the gratuitously sanguinary capture of a French man-of-war, or the desperate struggle against overwhelming hordes of torqued-off machete wielding indigenes.

I say we round up these poncey quasi-musical types and make them, by gum, earn their knight hoods.

Put them in scratchy red woolens and pipe clayed leather, hand them a Maxim and send them to the dusty far-off to reclaim some God-forsaken third World shite hole for the Empire.

I recommend New Jersey.
He is sexy ugly. I can't explain it. Might have something to do with the cover of the Sticky Fingers album which has a working zipper allowing you to unzip his fly repeatedly. um. i've said too much.
You’re overcompensating. You like Jagger, you’ve got his picture on your wall, you fancy him, you love him you do. Punching someone in the throat is very dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. You can dislocate a thumb or even break your wrist. Take a few classes first.
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