June 24, 2005

teh quenelles of mars

persaval loell was a jackass. thares nothign alive thare. hence no food.


its like a ton a bericks wihout strawl is what im sayin. i mean a brikc in teh hand u know. liiek that.

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Is this like a chicken/egg thing - there's no life because there's no food or there's no food 'cause there's no life?

Though its not surprising either way, I miagine it would be really hard to turn a profit with a restaurant all the way out in the middle of nowhere like that.

I mean, how do you get a loan with a business plan like that?
wel u cant make queneles outa amino acids or anareobic bactria. so ni tihs snpecific case u need not just life minimely dafined but somethign resonably wel avanced. can u make quenals outa bluegrean algae i wonder?

i wuldn wory abot teh loan though. wrose busnes plans got fundign in teh 1990s! i know a guy got rich on one of em.
No, the canals are full of pike. They all emigrated in the great pike diaspora of the 16th century (pike are staunch lutherans, and don't take kindly to persecution). Nasty fish.
It wasn’t Lovell’s fault sir, it was an Italian predecessor who described the dark areas on Mars as cannelloni, slack translation did the rest. And on that subject, Barry Sutton claims you recently helped him with a line of code or two. No offence, but how?
dr m. right! tehy we're canolis in teh sotharn hemasphar an canellinis in the othar hemeisophere. which im prety sure was northeran but tdont qoute me.

but anyhow hairy was rely just bein gracious their. i psosted a diagnoses but didn have a fix. so i wasnt much hlep. ok if thats what u mean by 'how'.
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