July 04, 2005


fixed sidebra likn to teh soth prak thign.

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About bloody time, if you ask me.

jsuyt makign u swet dude.
Can you meet me halfway on this one? Put it in Fanuc 3C, binary, sing it for God’s sake, but wtf are you on about?
I got there, sorry. My brian has been affected by a leaky magnatron in the canteen microwave.
Those leaky magnatrons are bad news. Like macaroons that have gone past their sell-by date, only crunchier.
fanic 3c is waht teh martains tlak to tom crose in dteh movie isn it? jesus whata freak taht guy is.

er so what is fanuc 3c exacly? somghign to do with robuts? nevar herd of it bafore. gogle is damn near mum on teh subjec. jeez i thuoghht i was geky enough knowan yacc but u got me stumped hare.
Christ you’re sharp, it IS a robot / machine-tool code, but I think they’re up to Fanuc 27W now. In fact nowadays you just show the machine a blurred photocopy of what you want and away it goes. Its totally taken the mystique out it.
dr m - u dont haveta be real shrap to guogal fer it do u?

berian - i usuly grill magnetrons an serve em with a dolcetto.
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