July 27, 2005


patk obrian mutars about a mysterous aliment cald 'marthambals' hear an thare. okay teh oed dont know from it but i dint bothar goglin it. teh moare fool i — truns out im not teh onyl one scarachin is head. langage log is on teh case god bles em. their bafald to but in farg reatar detail then me.

p.s. usuly its wrothwile on amazon to click teh 'list all raviews' link an tell it to show 'lowast ratad frist' cuase the ones who hate teh book are always much moare fun to read (aspecily books about politacs thares always a lota reviews from flawlesly objectave an welinfromed ciitizans who havent read the book buit still hate evary word of it just this side of apoplexy. an who hate everybody who did read it even more.w hat is it about polatecs what turns halfway snae people inta outright giberin legchewin psychopaths?). but after the first one or two obrey/maturens all teh obrien raviwes are all raves which is harrowingly boaring. lisen guys if you dont hate teh book dont waste my time wrigign about it okay?

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noe thy dindint mather on that boks. the boocks were nather and nont revewies bleleow the anuthers reveiw; in oter wordse

ef u scrol donew withowt et, ud donut gat eny rewviews or revweis att al.
an amuzons dent rite boxkes; tehy jsat kild memn wit arrowws. or arroyos.

Grunt Kenyon
You bastard hines. My grandfather succumbed to marthambles in Borneo during the last war. He was buried in two boxes. I hope you’re proud of yourself.
One lives and learns. After a googling session I found out that Marthambles are also known as "Griping of the Guts" and "Spastic Collitis".

I always thought that spastic collitis was a breed of hyperactive sheep herding dogs.
jef - i thikn i se what u mein but im not sure what ur trying to say. i dont tihnk coton mathar wread those.

dr m - just because it was 2 boxas u think ur betar then us is taht it? i se you nervuousley avoid discusign how big teh boxes we're!

dr s - shep herdign dgos? i thot it ws usuly teh othar way around? but if tehy got colitis mabe their disdtracttad an got it worng.
O'Brian is a bit of a fibber; I won't be surprised if he pinched it from that lady writer or made that up himself.

Griping of the Guts! Man what a name for a medication condition.

Spastic collitis? Like Irritable Bowel Syndrome?
I know a bloke with Irritable Bastard Syndrome. He's had it for years.

I would like to ask him if he would ask his doctor about marthambles, but he would almost certainly attack me.
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