July 21, 2005

extremenate teh brutes...

ectomorphic assclown exhibits shit-eating grin

im sory but this is not ok.

Moby bonded with "the cutest little dogs in the world" after delivering some of his CDs to a customer in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York City.

dear amazon dot com,

please cram ur flying column of narcisisstic knuckleheads up ur corporate butt. u send em round my house theyl be goin backta rehab in a pine box.

an ur cute litl dogs to!

thanks for ur atentian to tihs matar.


sincarely ur humbl an obt. svt. etc. etc.

aringlton coplay hynes


hugbougany seys Your middle name is Coldplay? Then it is you who must die.

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"bonded with"?
Who the fuck is moby?
odrey - i dont wana know. i reeeeealy dont.

bysnatder - ahhh what a blesign not to know! he makes 'techno' recrods an hes a vegen an noisy about it. honastly tghares probly no harm in im but what teh heck.
What kind of person calls himself "Moby"? Wait a minute. it's on the tip of my tongue.
I'm going to order "In Cold Blood", see who they dig up to deliver that.


You will keep the biting for Noreen's bum I trust.
Once again, HA thrice hits the proverbial nail precisely upon its ironic head.

Nothing more can be added, unless one of you lot can brandish the recently severed head of Moby.
Unfortunately I'm moving to San Diego in a couple of months. I'll be leaving the warm friendly atmosphere of the "Ring O' Bile" here on the east and west coasts of the Atlantic (in addition to freakish, laws-of-physics-violating cold winters.

Thank the Jehova for the internet - I won't have to miss a minute of it.
I dunno, If I were going to waste oodles of dough on Sex and the City DVDs I certainly would not object to Chris Noth's delivering them.

Send Rob Schneider over, though, and he definitely will be leaving in a box. I hate that guy so much.
I see you signed yourself ‘savant‘. Isn’t that pushing it a bit?
Bystander, are you playing to the gallery with that comment?

Dr. M, he misspelled "idt." before "svt.", to.
Or "too", as some would have it.
Your middle name is Coldplay? Then it is you who must die.
Trust me Hungbunny, if his middle name is indeed "Coldplay" he is already dead inside, poor fellow.

Umm, do you think I can have his guitar?
Killer fact!

Moby looks like a clown minus the red nose.
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