July 15, 2005


just gota spam ivitign me to a projact magagment seminar at teh meridien heliopolis hotel.

thats dumb. im niot a managar.

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I voted ther gibly in your poll and received the astonishing news by return, that I’d won a Caribbean holiday! You deride spam but without it I would not now be packing my case for a well earned summer getaway.
Dearest Dr maroon,
We here in the West Indies pay for northerners to come visit in the summer.
More ballast for the frequent category 5's.
Yes HA, but if you go, you will be. Success beckons! In TWO languages!
I concur with Rob. Go, and find yourself an Aegyptian lass well skilled in the ancient Phaoronic schools of love making. Spend the next two management training seminars on the subcontinent and in Siam. Compare and contrast the Hindoo and Siamese techniques with those of ancient Aegypt, and you shall find yourself in possession of all the skills one needs to be a CEO.

Except golf and document shredding..
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