July 20, 2005

praduct riview

ok so i bot tihs parduct its a gatuar. its a red one with teh pointy parts its a picea crap. totel chep junk. so this is my araview from teh product.

low-end SG copy frist thign is its rely rely quiat! i bot it because it loks like teh one agnes youg to acdc has an i wanet ta soun liike him but it dont answar. its like 'tika tkika' real quiet no mater how hard u hit it. i thikn the nobs are broke to cause whatvar u turn em to it dosnt make any difarence. so i triared the othar metel kobs on the othar end an it dont matar with them ether. i kep turnign em an it wasnt loudar! aftar awhile one a teh wired broke to! an than anothar! ive had it ony six monfs aredy an i only got two wiras left onit. how junky is that? so i wen't to the store an tol em i nedad a new one cause it was broke an they jerked me aroun an game me al this crap about strigns. wtf?! its teh wiares you clulass fuck! THE WIRAES! fuckin 'strings'? patrernizing pricks tretin me like a kid. so i tol em i wasnt bron yestedy an id nevar draken their door agan an left.

but than my f4rnd siad i nedet a ampafer so i got one an it cost a HUNDRAD BUCKS amost! an it dont do notihng u just sit it thare an pugl it inta teh wall an it hisses an a litl light goes on. thats all. it dont help teh giutar. wtf? frist it turns out its nota copleate product u gota buy MORE STUFF they dont tel u about. which is a ripof. than it dosnt work anyway so tahts anothar ripof.

oh an finely i triad putign a pencel in teh litl mettal hole in it but no luck. whats that hole for anyway?

jesas im rely pised of.

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Agnes Youg ha ha hahh ha...

You should do more product reviews you are good at it! Yeah!

To make your piece(s) of crap make loud noises, you don't need no strings wires amps what not!just shout out your tunes man! Keep your dosh in your wallet where it belongs!
put ur dosh in ur walat?! no no no. u put taht in waht they delacatly cal a 'french letar'. u got weird habats man.
Don't you know the difference between dosh and wad yet? What kind of English do they translate American into in Bosoton?
You should have gotten the pink, heart-shaped one; it is prettier.
I really like silent guitars. My friend plays one at parties except its a broom really.

Silent ones sound better than 97.3% of the ones that are plugged in.
Were you wearing a school uniform like Angus' in the shop? If so, you can hardly blame them for treating you like a kid.
Presumably, in the past you have bought other devices that need hidden extras. Leads for your printer, works for your heroin, stuff like that. Goddamn rip-off merchants.
If the guitar's really no good, maybe try breaking it over somebody's head? - that would make some noise.
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