August 03, 2005

okey dokey

getin on a arpolane tomora an goin awa' for a few days. if they dont let me play my banja in teh cabin ur gona hear abot it on the news.

fiaght the pawor!

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Fight the... pallor? Is that what you're trying to say? Why? Why say that? There are so many things to say, and you're saying something stupid. What a waste. What a damned waste.
Our finance director tells me he was caught “playing his banjo”: he hadn’t secured the door properly and was put off the plane at Dubai during a refuelling stop. On the way down the gangplank a stewardess called him a filthy bastard. It was all very regrettable.
Dress as a nun and make friends with the sick kid at the back of the plane. No-one'll bother ya.
Going to Alabama, are you?
Mind those aeroplanes,esteemed gibberishmeister.

If the pilot has a red nose and starmge hair., look at his shoes. If they are longer than about a foot, get the hell off the plane.

Now y'all take care, right?
That would be profiling, Bystander.

Expect a strongly worded protest from the clown community, perhaps even a squirt from a lapel flower.
dr m - yaeh the stweardass sounds like a bit of a proude.

rob - i actyuly tried taht! but they put me of teh plane in mineapalis an caled me a flithy bastarad. id rathar not get into dteh details.

oudreay - nope! the sanjaun islends. didn see any bamjas but at a sorta hipie farmars markat deal i saw a ol guy playin a resophonic ukulele! which was damn near wroth teh trip all by itself.

bystader - i nevar saw any pilats. they lcok the cockpit doors now. for all u know it culd be a androiad upthare or mabe its liek a methane atmposphere at 200K an the pialots rely some kinda mutent. creepy!

dr e. - ohhh teh clowens can do worse then that. far worse. i wuldn give a pluged nickal for that ol bald cunts life now. whata shame. but he brung it on imslef i guess.
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