August 13, 2005

it was unavodable

so i gogled john clavin. nevar mind why (wasn any thign dirty). an i got these ads on teh side of hte pageg. im spechles. i nevar knew calvin was avialble without a parscription!

comfertign to know taht about the poape thuogh. ill amit now ive had my duobtts.

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The protestant reformation turned pretty rapidly into a mercantile feeding-frenzy, didn't it? The protestant work ethic and so on?

This isn't news at all, you rotten fucking fascist.
Of course the Pope isn't the Antichrist. What does it matter what the Bible says when The Omen and half a dozen sequels of ever-increasing artistic merit show the truth?
"Half a dozen sequels" my ass. There have been only five, you snivelling murderous creep, and the fourth was objectively inferior to the third. And the plural of "sequel" is some asinine Latin gibberish, not "sequels".

Your sick racist views are precisely what propelled Hitler into power. Cunt. Hitler. Cunt.
Is John Calvin some relation of Calvin Klown, the well-known manufacturer of lacy underthings and size twenty-three boots?
ed - wel ur hitlar to arnt u so whoare u to be critecal?

phil - yep! kalvan kalowen is a dacendant. its not wel knowan but j calven had a sideliane in the lacy umentioneble deptartamnt imself. i read thats how he kept teh worlf away form teh door in the early days bafore he was a star. not quite sure how he workd taht. mabe waved a bra in its face?
Possibly; or perhaps he tried the no-frills approach of simply looking at it in that "you're predestined just like everyone else" way he had until it just slunk off.
Calvin showed us our guilt and burned us to save our souls, but at least he wasn’t a bucket mouth. Your language is a fucking disgrace Edgar.
Why dont you learn to spell you dumb cnut?
philep - i bleive ur right. frillless lingery is just what taht dour loser wold go for.

dr m - i heard he swoare like a salor when hed had afew.

ano - i lerand to spel 'you dumb cnut' yers ago. just dont have much cal for taht pherase is all. watts ur pnoit?
Edgar, get your facts straight.

Mr. Hynes is no fascist, he's an academian, which is, apparently, some sort of Hawaiian nut.
Dr. Scientist, your post is a clear example of the well-known ex recto fallacy, against which you would have been warned by your preceptors if you weren't a demonic fascist lunatic. But I will defend to the death your right to say it.
Thass gotta be the nicest thing anyone's said to you all day surely Dr E?
It's the nicest thing all week, Rob. I smell a rat.

Either Edgar's a fan, or I hold his mortgage. I'll have to check.
The wicked flee where no man pursueth, eh, Dr. S.? Eh?

Don't think I'm not onto you. Because I am. But I'm not pursuing. Because if I were, you wouldn't be wicked. Stands to reason. You won't be getting out of it that easily.
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