August 28, 2005

poor corperet selfesteam

i dont thikn their horibo at all! infact tehir quite tasty.

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no, noe. the candnie is verie jummi, liek it sez. But itts MAID frum horibou waspberreez.

like tapyocah pouding iz mayde frum horibou tapyocah route.

{BTV, wen you finnish, u can uze teh bagg four a papurwait.}
Gummi Candy sounds like an ageing female porn star.
Exactly, HB, hence their slogan about "making children happy and adults just as well" (which rhymes in German.)

Gummi Candy's long carreer makes her an icon for both generations. It's admirable.
She may be ageing, Hungbunny, but she still has a few treats left in her bag.
I prefer joosters. They are fairly sour jelly beans, very nice if you still have any teeth.
jef - if its mad form caribou whats teh wasps for? but ur right the fins are up to they're arumpits in caribao.

h.b. - right! i met er onse. they ivited her to uor school whan i was 7. lokin back it seems a odd choise.

vageu - dosnt evarythign ryme in germen?

anie - ooooh i thoase do sound good! evan wihtout teath u culd get somboddy else to chew em for u.
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