August 18, 2005

confadential to gougal user in wollongong

no i dont have 'pichers of me' heare. nor of you. piss off.

p.s. 'wollongong'?! tahts goofy evan for astrelia. why cant u have nromel names for plases? like niskayuna? or schwenksville? have u no gravitas at all sir?

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I believe Niskayuna may have our bandstand. Do you think we could have it back? I'll trade you a compromising photo for it.
This post is pure foolishness. Niskayuna is an ingredient used by the Japanese in spicy octopus soup, and Schwenksville is a fictitious town eaten by Garrison Keillor. Please Update Your Weblog Responsibly.
Awstrailerya is in teh Euripedes, witch iz Greak for teh endz ov teh erth.

En theze Eurpedes, paple goe flyyinge of teh gloab, becase az u sey tehy hav no grevitus end evrythegn iz loowse.
No ah they justa falla apart.
badoom tish.
You're not a Euripedophile then?
That's not a "picher" of you up top? Or at least a "sculpcher" of you?
I always thought that was a petrified clowan...
rob - howdya take a compaermisign photo of a bnadsatand?

philep - no no no its schenectady tehy put in teh soup. niskayuna makes it tase like ass.

jef - thats why the asturleians drink so much so thay fal dwon an wont drift away.

dr m. - aaaarrrrgggghhhh!

vogue - nope. is a ilustroius ancester.

cheris - shhhh! the famly dosnt like to tlak about that.
Newsflash: Evil Clown Caught.
I wish his name were Messerschnitt; that would be much better.
v - dare i ask why?
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