August 25, 2005

teh gatharing strom

at no smal risk to hlimslef our redar mnk has larted us to the true magnatuade of the brugnign man clowan threat. its real folks. an its worsn id feared:

Circus Freaks will surround you — in the air, circled in fire and lurking in dark corners! Aerialists defy certain death as they hang from their toes 25 feet above unforgiving concrete, killer klowns wreaking havoc, and our surprise freak show.

notice the charectaristicaly clowenlike gramar in the secend sentance. yep its athenatic all right. this is not a dril! these greasepanted asps are drivign straight for teh heart of our bosoms!

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"straight for teh heart of our bosoms"

That sounds sinister, indeed. I can't imagine a more central location towards which they could be heading.

Aux armes, citoyens!
I couldn't agree more, HA. It's time we went to war with these buggers.

And give them no quarter, either!
I agree, the garroting of Strom Thurman is long overdue!
vagoue - heee! took me a while to get taht one.

dr e - hmmm...!

muf - izat how tehy got im?
If the klown is 5 foot 10 say, and reaches out with his arms, he would be about 7 feet long.
Bear with me.
Hanging by his toes from 25 feet makes him about 18 feet off the ground.
Not only is this a pisspoor crock o shit, it cant be death defying surely.
Falling 18 feet even onto kryptonite concrete wouldn’t guarantee death, and that is obviously what we are paying for.
These trickster carney pikey bastards make me seethe.
On the other hand, if the clown is dressed in greasepants, especially outsized ones such as clowns are prone to utilise, surely some skill would be necessary to prevent premature and unscheduled descent.

You can't roll back the asp if you misunderestimate its tentacles.
dr m - wel ur a docter an im not but it sems to me falin headfirst 18 feet onta cnocretes gona fuck em up good an propar at teh very least. or am i just a optamist?

phil - an evan if they dont fall how they gona wash em? graesepants havant got much in the way of structeral integrity. btw if u kick em sqaure in the tenstacles theyl rol aroun howalin an u can get away.
Hence the old self-defence saying, "The knell of the greasepants, the smalls of the clown".
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