August 21, 2005

the wages of clowanery

our loyel reder sputtermutter has derawn uor atention to a confermd clowan atack in nevader:

Dennis Hinkamp had to have two plates implanted in his arm after the attack...

is no one safe?! teh clowan bopped im aan stoale his bike. an than fled to the pacifistic northwaste!

seems the cloewn was a mebmer of a shadowy orgenization caled 'anarchoclowans'. its nto clear what they're goals are but if there hagning out at brunign man in clowen suits its a safe bet their up to somthign stupid.

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Connecting the dots.....The Washington snipers also came from the Pacific Northwest. Beware clowns with guns!

There is something funny going on here.
Lots of scary things come from the Northwest: overly complicated beers, grunge music, and tons and tons of smoked salmon. It is a bad place.
spammerbuter - u mean teh Washington Snipers who won teh series in 1924?

vaueg - eurghhgh garung! horable! but actuly i hafta say im ok wiht the bear. an i looove smoaked samon. teh onyl thing betar then somoked salman is raw salmon.
Ieve naver hurd ov plaets beeng empalnted in sumbuddies arms, ore fenger boles in the plams of there handz. Bat my Ancle Chalrie waz so fatt he woer a nakpin reng four a weding banned and hiz sun culd steck teespouns upp hez noes and pley tham liek catsanets bye moving hez fascial musles.
Thank you for alerting us to this menace.

I shall have to introduce a product line of extremely flammable clown make-up.
The two plates implanted in his arm ... I wonder-were they spinning at the time?
How is the Patrick O'Brian series coming?
dr e. - exssssellent!

geof - they we're. that parta the story was sapressed so as not to cuase panic.

lou - its ovar. teh auther died.
Lou, HA pretends not to understand your question because he's ashamed to admit that he finished the last one, read O'Brian's two previous novels about Anson's circumnavigation, and then started the Aubrey series over again. Understandably, he has hidden this disgusting behavior from his friends and family, who only twigged when he tried to order lobscouse in a restaurant and called the waiter a "damned scrub". They're planning an intervention before he makes good on his threat to blow up the USS Constitution "to avenge the Java".

We are all very concerned.
Did he get to the one where J.A and S.M. quit the Royal Navy and become clowns in a travelling circus?

'Cause that might be enough to set him off, you know.
in teh desserts of teh Southwessed, the Latinoe spekers are dethlie afrade of ratelsneaks. Wen tehy here teh ssssssss, they run en al dierecatiions. Tahts whiy there cald hispanics.

donet worey, im knot razissed. i jast hayt enybuddy whose difrent frum mie.

jef - mosly thare harmlas. its teh ones wiht teh spharecal red nosas u got a keep a eye on.
Found a lot of useful info on your site about smoked salmon - thank you. Haven't finished reading it yet but have bookmarked it so I don't lose it. I've just started a smoked salmon blog myself if you'd like to stop by
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