September 07, 2005

One glorious day... the springtime, many years ago, ever so far up Tinkly-Winkly Lane and behind Old Farmer Fumblwumble's very biggest lovely haystack could be seen a vast glabrous excresence, pullulating obscenely and blanketing the neighborhood in a repulsive stench.

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HAHAHA! Awake! WAKEN UP! You’re typing in your sleep again.
He's the scat man.
wha? whuh? huh? wharami? omgwtfbbq whared taht come form?!

shuldn he of speled 'naborhoud' wihth a 'u'?
That sounds remarkably like the opening paragraph of some of the "childrens" books we used to write, then sneak into the library for a laugh.

Unfortunately, we underestimated the damage we were doing to their fragile psyches, and many of the poor little tykes moved to New Jersey where they became Hippies.

Twenty years later, I have mixed emotions when I run over someone wearing tie dye.

But I steel myself and do it anyway. After all, I have an obligation to society.
I was just reading "The Name of the Rose" again and ran across the word glabrous and decided that I needed to look it up but then forgot. Thanks for reminding me
To paraphrase Emo Phillips - the most difficult thing in anyone's life is having to kill a loved one because they're a hippy.
Last night I had something brilliant to say about this, but the comments function was misbehaving. Now that something is forever lost in the ether. I will go weep now.
That was me. Still misbehaving.

agamemmmmen - no way is it teh most difacult! kilin a loved one whos a marine is way way hardar. trust me on taht.

vague - il take teh thouhgt for teh... uhhh. thought.
wuts this?

a bedtiem stoery buy h p lovcrapht it wud seim.

nite, niet, kideez...
"kilin a loved one whos a marine is way way hardar. trust me on taht."

You make a good point and I imagine that they are both equally satisfying, if for different reasons.
Jeff: I thought it had the whiff of Clarke Ashton Smith about it.
(a favourite of my youth: I was a strange boy).
But anyway, what's the next bit HAcubed?
amagomnon - right ur navy arnt u?

dr m - duno what coms next. it was just a exuse to say 'cuold be seen'. which i hate obsesively. its not just teh pasive vioce its smug an cuetsey too. eeueueurrrghgh. horable.
Today, 7 September is my little son's birthday.

Do you have to spoil it like this?
er. teh 7th?

poor kid. ihope atlest his mothar got it right.
As a scientist of some renown in the field of natural philosophy what I am, I was hanging about here waiting for your next post when my curiosity took over and I clicked one of your sidebras. It was the baby bug bibelots one.

Needless to say, things just aint been the same

Maybe a warning would help, I don’t know, don’t fucking care anymore, truth be told.
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