August 29, 2005


cats is paculeuir cretures. they act as if scrachin ones ears wiht ones tonails was a raspecteble ocupation.

thing is... loking at it objectavely... how can i be suare their wrong?


tihs coments thread has degenareted into me're anerchy er worse. im afraid to look in.

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Toenails? Cats have toenails?
The fact that the holes in a cat’s fur coincide with its eyes, mouth, rectum etc., was once cited as proof of the existence of God.
(but only in Mississippi)
This is not the first time A.C.H. has mentioned cats (especially physicists’ cats). I wonder if he‘s working on that death-ray thing for the defense dept. I tested him once with a joke on the subject, physicist‘s cats that is, but it went way over.
Late one night whilst on the way to download some used beer, I think I may have stepped on a furball yacked up by Schrödinger's cat.

Since I didn't turn on the light to observe it, I can't be sure.
piere - yep. them pionty thigns on there toes.

dr m - a) heh b) 'undar' u mean.

dr s - wel if ur not sure whare it was exacly atlest u can tel me how fast it was goign?
I think dogs have it right, lying about naked in the sun slurping and slobbering over their balls with their big wet tongues. Every time I try this sort of thing in public I get arrested.
Dr E. S (PhD): Schrödinger? Who he? It was one of the three other famous physicists‘ cats to which I was referring. Not to know who I mean would mark one down as a bluffing charlatan.

Anyway, if you’d turned the light on, it wouldn’t have happened. Proving Schrödinger right I suppose. hmmmm.

Hey back off man, I’m a scientist.
I ran into Alan Lightman's cat once; it gave up on physics to write novels. Cat-type novels.
Always thought them things are claws on paws well guess I must be wrong you're the cat-person not me. Ha ha ha!
Old Newton, (Isaac, if you will) had a cat called Giants which he punished mercilessly, suspecting it of Papist sympathies.
Hearing the news from the areas effected by the storm surge, my earlier comments about Mississippi now seem gauche and tasteless.
Nature was ever a cruel and bitter mistress.
Splatterbottom, I'm amazed all you got was arrested.

The last time I tried that sort of thing, the damn dog bit me.
It's a slippery slope, I'm afraid, H^3: first it's your own ears, then your close friends', then when they've all deserted you, total strangers, on park benches and up dark alleys. It will destroy you. Soon you'll be barefoot jumping defenceless young society ladies forcibly unbunging their lugholes with your tootsies in shows of utter depravity. You'll lose your Ha, wandering the streets like some perverted maniac, waving your feet at the passing gentry with their juicy itching protrusions longing for relief, all that virgin aural flesh, laden with wax and smothered with daily detritus, dying for a little frenetic footwork, just a swift rub... or two... 'Scrub me raw,' they ask, the unloved, attention-starved darlings, 'Free us, Papa. Give us the hot action we deserve.' Oh Ears! Ears! I..., I...mustn'
Oh, I can't take it any more.
Send in the clowns!
Dr e is right. There is nothing worse than a fierce dog lapping at your balls.

Dylan had it right when he asked "If dogs run free then why can't we".

Peg, as it happens I have just invented vibrating ear buds for the ipod, which could prove very useful for you.
are you implying in this post that scratching one's self is not respectable? in that case i am glad i am not a member of the human species.
Catz uset too bee Ueropean an than thar was a funges an tehy al dyed out ore wur crouss-bread weth Amaricane onez. Now al teh wien is defferent. ore mabey taht wus graeps.
no jef it cantve bean graps bcause grapeds dont have ears so they cant scrach em.
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