September 06, 2005


bob devnar is dead atlast. teh rain of terer has endad. miloins of rotan wihnign snotnoased litl chilreadn can now sleap soudly in there beds.

but whail alda stil lievs they're is yet work to be done.

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Pat robertson may be a noisesome ittle oik, but it looks like his "pray-to-kill" scheme is workng.

He got Rehnquist, scared O'Conner of the bench, and now Denver - Chaves better be quaking in his boots.
heh. i wuldn advocate exterditign just about anyboddy to venazula but wiht pat its temptign.
Alen Hale end Jim Bacxus are ded nou two, soe nobuddy's waching Mery An end Dzhindzhur eksept teh Profecer--end hie iznt peying atneshun. Sighe! ef ownlie thes hed hapned yiers aogoe!

PC: wuznt bab dnever teh giy whoo sed "Hi" wen he saw a rockie mowntan?
That Alda thing is a shame. Next time I see him, I'll nudge him over a ledge.
Wait a minute jeff! How could I have been so blind? Its obvious - The Professor killed Skipper, Mr. Howell, and Giligan so he could have Ginger and Mary-Ann all to himself.

The Professor's smart, crafty, and above all patient.
to patiant by half. now hes so old it wont do im any good.
Exactly! The Professor is a man of science and was betting that advancing technology would allow him to reap the fruits of his crime - a gamble that would have payed off if not for the astute readers of bogol.

If no one believes us then maybe we must take matters into our own hands!
Alan Alda is a cross-dressing clown. It is time to end the evil rotten things he does - like breathing. The fact that he exists is a blight on humanity.
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