September 11, 2005

step 3 profitt!!1!

i read tihs book abuot hell. turns out hells one a theose placas whare u go thare an all u meet is people from back hoame. like hemagwys circle in paress.

but what buged me is whatsteh busines model? howre they gona make tish thign pay? i dont see any potential fr revanue an if this book is a fair sampal of there moarketing i dont know whathre to laugh or cry. on topa taht its badly run! the guy in chrarge nevar even leavs his ofice.

no wondar god fired im.

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Killer Fact Dante's Hell is a cone with the coldest part at the bottom. This proves beyond all doubt that the Italians in the fourteenth century had not yet mastered the art of ice cream.
Navre leves hes ofis? Uv corse hie naver laves hiz ophitz. Wad yoo lieve yur ofiss ef u had whornes end a tale? The poblick ressed rooms ar bad enuif wethowt one. End the taksi drivres wownt evin pik upp PLAIN blak peple.
Have you never heard the expression "there'll be Hell to pay"?
It does, however, sound like a prototype hot fudge sundae though, so maybe they were ahead of their time? Obviously with more devils & less fudge pieces than most people like, but like I said, a prototype.
Possibly, though obviously they couldn't have called it a sundae, since hot fudge sabbaths were said to be the blasphemous prerogative of subscribers to the Negridentian heresy. For this reason, they were probably called mondaes, but whether this puts them ahead of their time or behind it depends on which day you think starts the week.
Sell indulgences.
You pay for it with your wages.
The wages of sin are death!

Voices off : marry ‘nuncle, they’re not that great round here! fnar fnar.
"no wondar god fired im. "

Well, Lucifer originally claimed he quit, but then when back to the "fired without cause" bit so he could collect unemployment.

The case is still in limbo as New Jersey, the state that has jurisdiction over Hell, has misplaced the paperwork.
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