September 22, 2005


people should hae chins. im not gona be a makng any acceptions hare. its just not taht musch ta ask.

u see em all teh time wiht a smug dubm look on ther face like 'im ok ur ok an waths in a chin aftar all isn it wahts insied taht cuonts?'

bzzt! wrogn! it is teh chin wihc is on the uotside that count's. please rectafy teh prolbalm soonast u epacene freak thx.


gona be away til teh 27th. be good.

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People do have chins. Those without chins are not people but members of the British aristocracy - an altogether different kettle of mandibles.
What is inside the cunts?
Oh, varies. Fall open, tube - you tell us.
I think you'll find that #chins = #people. Some have double chins and others have none.
My high school principal was chinless, and a prize cnut, so your theory is proven.

Philip: top marks, but 129 mins? - and trying to change the subject, I see - awfully suspicious. Just show us your chin and be done with it, man.
That lad's too clever by half. He'll come a cropper one day, you mark my words.
Hmmm... just read Inferno and away for the weekend.
Are you going to hell, HaHaHa?
Hey! I'm only fourteen
Sickly 'n' thin
Tried all of my life
Just to grow me a chin
It popped out once
But my dad pushed it in
Why did he hurt me?
He's my next of kin...
He's a mex-i-kin...

- Frank Zappa, Tryin' To Grow A Chin.
Brogorl is quite right, there are plenty of people with no chin nowadays and yet the plastic surgery is all going on people who want enormous chests instead. I would not mind plastic surgery at all if it could be restricted to solving ugliness, which is why science invented it in the first place, for world war one fighter pilots who were burned to crisps. There are a lot of people out there on the street who actually look far worse than they did in their melted states, even.
wel obovsouilesly theire tarnspaltin there chin tisue inta they're chests. wich is teh act of a kook imho. but wat teh heck its a fre cuountry. so u can shoot em if you like.
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