September 27, 2005


my dad says uor famely has a moto!

'tell them nohthing'

liek al stories abouont our famly its a damn lie im sure but taghts okay.


whats cooal about it is taht i was gona hafta go wiht 'downshift an floar it' but u cant traslate that inta latin or medieval french so what good is it?

anothar update!

whilale i was away norrean psoted my guest-cnut thigny at emeril boyle. wahoo!

anothar nother update! ok!

our staff latanist teh fab dr maroun traslates 'tell tehm nohting' as reticio an 'downshitf an fluor it' as diecio et conculcare whihc form what e says culd as esily mean somthing like 'knock em down an stomp on em'. which totlaly rules. but im quite at a los for coganates on teh secand one so itmight just mean somthign dirty. so i win both ways.

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That's kinda similar to the Vague family motto: "Forget It Ever Happened." This is actually a simplification of our old motto, "If They Ask, Just Answer as Vaguely as Possible." You can see where that one gets a little clumsy.
The Romans have a word for it.

Say nothing: RETICIO
Downshift and floor it: DEICIO ET CONCULCARE

I can do you a coat of arms pretty cheap if you’re interested.
vogue - yeah teh amendad versoins wieldier. er. more wieldy.

dr m - ur not playin wiht me are u? 'reticio' is great. but im saspicuous of teh othar one.
Never bullshit a bullshitter.

DIECIO throw down (an article, an enemy, shift another’s argument)
ET and
CONCULCARE Trample underfoot. Stamp on

In Latin like all translation one has to be wary of the literal.
What, you have to ask yourself, does “floor it” mean. What does downshift mean? I’m trying to capture the urgency of the manuver (in a GT40 for example)
Not just the literal but I have also captured the aggressive essence of the motto. It works on so many levels I’m quite proud of it.
knokc em down an stomp on em! wahoo!
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