September 28, 2005


hatchet smatchet ratchet!

if dr sueuss had been inta agravatad asualt hed of had a glodmine thare.

latchets no good darn it. unlesn u garrote somboddy wiht it. but theree in a row aint bad anyhow.


reder spalterbatam sugeasts 'scratch it'.

im prety sure 'brachet' rymes with somghign else antirly. damit. not taht ud wana hit somboddy with a dog anyhow. but i mean evan if u did it wuldn help.

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The rhyming itch. It will go away if you scratch it.
Maybe "it wuldn help", but would it yelp?
I thenck et rimez weth "hay, Watch it!" and "wy teh hel sould I? watch it urselph, wize guy!" and "u takin to me? u talking to ME?!?!"

But i thenk a smatchet is a gaze-hound used two hundt crokodials en the sewars of shake-and-bakeistan and hardy-oliver-laurel-stan.
Teri Hatcher it?
jef - ur right abot teh smarchet! an did u know taht hte romen empars highast onor was to deck somboddy wiht hardies? its true. come back form a campane al triamphent an theid smack u flat. thoase we're tough times.

jtp - wel we culd drop raqual wlech on u instead. hyuk hyuk rimshot!
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I agre abot the tiems. But ist speld, Toga Teims, nat Tough Teamz.
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