October 03, 2005

cats in sniks!

im gona come out heare as sombody who lieksks pichers a cats in sinks. deal wihth it man. im exparsin my idavidulity here! chaton a son goo hyik hyuk hyuk

p.s. silkwrom snax cortesy a teh evar wierrd scriabel terer. whence cats too.


an also form teh same cat guy hte fabalous kitan war! tanks humbgunny! vogeu notes bonsia kiten.


se teh thign is the ideal cat in a sikn sould look like he poured outa hte focet. whihc tihs one does.

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Huh. I just found that cats in sinks the other day. Have you seen Bonsai Kitten?
Fraser, the guy responsible for Cats in Sinks, also made . And he has a rather fine too. He's just above you in my list of links...
What the...? It looked OK when I previewed it. It should say "...also made Kittenwar. And he has a rather fine blog too..." Fucketty fuck fuck.
Thanks for the link Bogol. BTW I think you should get pareital credit for that unfinished PhD. You could be a P. I have two unfinished PhD's. I could be a PP.
I have two unfinished PhD's. I could be a PP.

That's a pisser, Gail.
Send him a picture of that horrid, lurking furry thing you posted once & pretended was a cat HA. I reckon you'll get a C&D letter at the very least.
rob - i thotta tryina cram teh beast inta hte sink an take a pickher to sumit but hes not a real sinkdwelar. hed think im givin im a bath an go batshit berserk. last time i gave im a baht it took threa of us to hlod im down.
Bosnia Kitten?!
I have a cat well 2 cats and 2 sisters ther mean but you get yost 2 it whats your name myns Ava
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