September 30, 2005

Liveblogging the Void

4:30 pm

Blow nose twice. From my desk, wisps of thin high cloud are visible above the trees across the parking lot. The sky is otherwise blue.

4:32 pm

A girl from another company in this building walks left to right along the sidewalk outside my window, speaking into her cell phone. She is very unattractive. I can't pin down why she is not pretty; on paper, she ought to be.

4:37 pm

A man wearing a windbreaker walks by in the drive from right to left, leaning forward, facing into the sun and grimacing hideously.

4:38 pm

Blow nose.

4:40 pm

The entry point of a service is ServiceMain. Caller passes it a pointer to an array of pointers to TCHAR and a DWORD count of the array. Yes, yes... One so often does.

4:43 pm

Blow nose. Dammit.

4:44 pm

Clouds over trees have shifted. Thinner now.

4:46 pm

Not-quite-attractive girl drives by from right to left in purple Honda "hybrid". Probably an Evangeline Walton fan. Still yapping at cell phone.

4:48 pm

Somebody's phone is ringing.

4:49 pm

It was mine, apparently. They can call again, if it's that important.

4:51 pm

Nine minutes left.

Eight minutes and fifty-one seconds.

Eight minutes and forty seconds.

4:53 pm

Several small birds fly over the parking lot from left to right.

Six minutes and twenty-four seconds.

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U're Fyard
Ok buddy, where the fuck is Arlington?
I have spotted excellent use of a semicolon at 4:32 pm. Bravo, young man!

In other news, I too have been blowing my nose all day. Maybe I gave it to you through the internet. I hear they have that on computers now.
Rob, our Arlington is trying... or I should say, we're trying, on him, a new medication. The effects are very interesting so far, but I'm sorry to say the literary impact has been more positive than the interpersonal effects. Bluntly, we've had to put him in a cage, I'm having to hire a new assistant, and we're very concerned that there may be legal repercussions.

Vague, yes, we had predicted that he wuld praduce semilclolans and I"m was as pleased as you were to find one in the output that the subject generated.
Dr Lazlo whatever it was? Who he? I smell a rat. I am the only Dr in the vilage (begging yer presence DR ES PhD). Charlatans BEWARE!
HA HA and thrice HA, Please excuse my hungover diatribe. This could be the highwater mark of live blogging. It has a Salinger-esqueness which will be hard to beat.
I think you've found him out, Maroonie. Ask yourself: Have you ever seen HaHaHa and Salinger in the same room?
Did Godot ever arrive?
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