September 30, 2005


leran somthing new evaryday dept.:

if a cop puls u ovar for spedign u may thikn its kinda funy to stuf a fivedolar bil in is pants but dont try it.

mabe he wulda bean more rasceptave to a tewnty.


reder jef ponits out that if u say 'pants' enuogh times ovar an over it suons amost like a real worde!

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Pants. pants pantz pantx.

sey it owver end ovre and it sounz rel weerde.

meybe we suld ware killts.

But tehn agen ef u staf a twanty en a kielt, ittl faul owt teh botum.

end they say teh scotz leik muney!
Donuts work better, but his pants gets messy.
The hero of Kon Tiki and Ras I and II? How dare you meddle with his name sir, how dare you?!!?!*%$£"&*(^
and jeff, what's wrong with liking money?
jtp - hmm! thats not a bad idear. il try that.

dr m. - spekin as a tlakin pig i think ur way outa line they're dudde.
Dr. Malone:

Teh thign thets ronge with lickeng mony is ist dierty adn testes bad.

Monye goze frum hand to hadn and fals ien teh guter and teh yurinel. Jeames seys moenye is teh rooste of al envil.
jef is rihgt! bcuase than u are green wiht envils comign hoame to root.
Some times the "money in the pants trick" works a treat.

Once, I got off of a nasty speeding ticket and recieved a rather nice lap dance to boot.
dr e - somtmis theyl stop u cause tehy think u got prety eeys an they dont kno whow else to get ur atention.
Be caerful ef u put mony in teh panst end it fals doun th lege, mak shoor u dont put ur hend doun the leg two try end fetch it bak.

the trantcheon flailing and teh too boddees coneckted adn wrything on teh payvemint wel draw speck taters.

Wm Shakespeer saw thes and clalld it teh beest weth too bax.
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