October 05, 2005

regradign bugs

Pepal spned a lota time wrroying abate teh homlass, but tehy dont spendany tima toll thinking abaot inscets.

A sulg is nothnig moore thanna homles snail, and yet teh carars adn worrayeeeeers oftha worrld havant got teh timaday forrem. Veen the franhc donnt eattam, because teh frannch wil putt almost anyhtnig in theer mouths but tehy are fra fusseyer wehn it comsta hands.

Wehn I wassa ltille gril, I used to cray and cray abuot teh injutsci of ittal. Wyh shoulda spiral piesa chalk on top make suhc a deferans? So, a sulg issa nodma? Tahts greate though, isent it? Peeple lvoe nmaods and ayr often going to watcham moving tehyr tnets and yruts. But if noomasd were faster, mcuh faster, then a lota people wold wtachem more. If a nomad was as fsatassa cheetah, then thre wold bea lot of pelple wthacing htem putuppa tent, and move, across the Stppee and the tnuddrtas. So I put teh sulgs on my sheos and I walked tmeh around.

I tyr not to sweate too muhc as wlee because swaet has slat innit and stla is a killa.


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It’s incredible, you’ve got me brainwashed into a new lexicon and syntax in six weeks. There’s a Nobel in there, there must be. I had to READ Noreen’s post tonight, splendid as it was, which was a shock to me.** As was the fact it was a shock.
Fuck it, I think I’ll take this one on. When do you go up for review?

**the fact I had to READ it, not that it was splendid.
From my perspective it's 1-0 to HA. You just can't misspell with the fluency of our Arl, Noreen.
Having said that, I didn't have the slightest inkling that it was you, even when you spoke of having been a little girl - I just thought he was on acid or something. I'll check the commas next time.
Maroon is right!

It's true; I had to consciously decode the words for the first time in months. (Actually I have to do that with Jeff's comments too, which is why I never read Jeff's comments. Sorry Jeff.)
"The same low low quality", eh, you smug prick? EH? You dirty son of a bitch. The next post after you make that promise, the VERY NEXT POST, I see, what, what do I see?

I see capital letters.

I see commas.

I see Noreen, who is actually funny, instead of the usual lazy schtick-miner.


I can make myself no clearer than that. Good day, sir.
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