October 08, 2005

wats wrorng wiht this pichar?

dr marooan says teh deleware watar gap loks like teh lake of menteith so i had a look. an i gota say im shorcked at waht i fuond:

now im not sayin taht ol gents not a real scotsmen. he culd be a ringer but ive no way a knowan. but if u look carfuly at teh picher u may notace somhtign subltly wrong about teh fish. naamely taht its mountad on a godamn board! an there just hopan u wont knotice taht elusive litl detaill. ill amit it took me a whiale to figure out what was amis. tahnk god we got bolgs to keep thease guys honest.

but so ether scotash truots haev evalved vary strange fetures inded or their stockin the lake with stufed trofies.

than again mabe im off base. i bean seign fish like that on peopals wals for years an figuared they didn come outa the lake that way but who knows? mabe theyev all been ta scotlend and cot em thare.


damit i was gona cal tihs 'homage to caledonia' but of cuorse i didn exacly get they're first.


adrey hautrey coments:

Last time I was there, gathering mushrooms, I also saw dogs in jodhpurs and cats with opposable thumbs.

we gota get teh forteans in on tthis! but teh johdburs are a woryign sign. nex thign u know theyl be usign hindanburg as a stalkinghorse. atlest they wernt playign poker.

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Well, "The Lake has been designated a Site of Special Scientific Interest due to its exceptional fauna and flora."

Last time I was there, gathering mushrooms, I also saw dogs in jodhpurs and cats with opposable thumbs.

Apropos opposable: Scotland has one of the most easily opposable national football teams in the world. Even the Faroe Islands and the USA expect to beat Scotland, as does Belarus.
I like your blog :-) Just one question why do you spell like you do?
The Lake's "exceptional fauna and flora" include the Whistling Fish (piscis caledonius sibilans), a creature more often heard than seen:

The pre-mounted fish is certainly dodgy. What's also bizarre is that the lucky fisherman is about to be swamped by a giant tsunami...
All fish are attatched to a piece of wood HA, or they would sink.
Isn’t that plank, the angler’s “tackle“? Don’t they hit the fish with it to kill them? Anyway, when I said the Lake of Menteith, I meant Loch Katrine. Sorry, but they are so alike.
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