October 12, 2005

oh. ma. ga.

dude duuuude this hambergar place in okalahoma dosnit just have a picher a bob willsBOB F&^#$% WILLS — wihth they're foundar on teh wall. he wroate a songn about em too!

When you're feelin' blue, and hungry too
Here's a tip to make you sing
Pick up your hat, close up your flat,
Go down to the Hamburger King.

ohmagah i soooo totly wana go thare.

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I don’t know what you’re moaning about, the burgers look OK.
Apart from that family that drives 80 miles to get one, which, even accounting for the longer distances is a bit odd, and why do they photograph it? Is it a sexual thing? Why do they always ask for it to be cut in half, and then muck about with it like that? Jesus Mary and Joseph, you’re not thinking what I’m thinking are you? (well obviously not readers, I’ve got a doctorate) Do you think that they are perverts? I’ve seen Deliverance.
You think that's bad? Try this:

Jack Hoxie!
Inventor of the cross-draw rig for his shootin' iron!
dr m - i thikn u just dont unerstad burgars.

aodrey - GAHHAHHHHH!!1! jeez i didn say anyhtign was bad.

md - wahoo! a grate man indede! knowhow an inganuty!
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