October 09, 2005

ceckout liine

iwas in liane at a stor taday. teh poeple inhead of me we're a famly. the checkuot lady was runin al they're stuff ovar teh scanar. but some of em kept runin off an getin moare thigns. they were movin quick to an keping pace with er. aftar a hour or so teh guy bagin it all jus wlaked off an let it pile up. the rubar belt was cary9in it al downta the end of the thign. it built up an stratad falin off. i clered my throte significently a cuople times but it didn hlep. they just loked me ovar real distentlike anfignard there weapons.

whan id bean thare for three huors i set my stuff down an left. my icecrem was meltad anyhow. i looked back an they were handig it to hte checkout lady.

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Checkouts are dangerous places. I warned the world many months ago, but obviously went unheeded.
It's a good thing you left. Even if they had eventually rung up all their purchases, you still would've had to wait while they decided to apply for the store credit card to save 10%, got turned down, and then wrote a check, which would inevitably have needed manager approval. I hate those guys.
What kind of ice cream was it?
Why were you buying ice cream? - it's not summer, it's not your time of the month, and I doubt you're the type to throw dinner parties.

Personally, I prefer my ice-cream melted, but maybe that's just me.
"i overthrow and to trample upon."

eh? i donnet guet teh gramre.

and duz it haf to doo wiht teh chenkout?
hpil - prohatic indeed!

v - actuly i wen't back thare today an their stil at it.

dr m - duno. just grabed one. are they're difernt kinds?

jtp - in botson we put uiccream on uor scrod like civilzed poeple. dont u?

jef - huh?
ur matto! undur teh big postur taht sez "Boggle". ist in lattinese.

deicio et conculcare
HA HA HA tell this “Jeff” to check his cases and Overthrow indeed! Throw down man, Throw down! Classical not modern idioms here thank you very much.
If he’s right about the “to” and I admit he‘s got me doubting, I will of course shoot myself for any embarrassment caused. Isn’t there a handy classics don you might consult in the canteen?
jef - ohhh taht 'trampal on'. wel tahts tehe depratmant of my staf clasecist so ill leave it in his undobtadly capeble hnads. an run liek hell.
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