October 13, 2005

cultuare clash contamplated

this guys funy:

On one trip out there, I was accompanied by a vegan, who left the lady at the Burns Safeway sandwich counter speechless by asking if the tapenade had any meat or dairy in it. The very air in Burns has meat and dairy in it.

menwhiale teh chick dwonstrares is lisenign to a c newman. oh evaryboddys hip nowadyas.


skp taht newman rekid btw. hes havin a real bad year. try thje fisrt an secant new pr0nos recs. 800 pound nutstompers bof of em. BOMP BOMP BAA NA-NA NA etc. pure genias.

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Mr Hynes, this is completely off-topic but with your clown fetish I know you'll want to see it:

aarrgh! im at wrok!

now i got clowan pr0n in my cache. theyl thikn i fel off teh wagon agian.
Deepest apologies. I never imagined for a second that you'd have a real job.
wy of curose i have a real job. an a vary imprortent one to. doin uhhh you know. stuff.
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